Sunday, 17 October 2010

Day 21 - October 17

Usual breakfast with added coconut

Lunch - Chicken, apple

Dinner - Home made paleo chili, mashed sweet potato and butternut squash, broccoli

Dessert - Mixed berries, coconut milk, paleo crumble topping


  1. hi davie been looking at your desserts. they look really good do you just pour coconut milk over the berries and thats it ?

  2. yep, its frozen berries that i have thawed out first, then pour over the coconut milk. If you put it back in the fridge it thickens up a bit

    The paleo crumble topping is honey, ground almonds and mixed nuts - it was supposed to be for paleo cookies but didnt put enough honey in and it was a bit dry. It worked a treat on the coconut milk/fruit mix